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Re: [linux-lvm] Another strange setup by a newbie, but strange oops resulted while trying vgextend/vgmerge!

hackbyte gmx de said:
> *smile* .... ok ... But, what about Penguins which have its own
> disability's and can't do such a long jorney to reach K-2.4.0 islands?
> Are they all so outdated, that peoples from K-2.4.0 doesn't have to
> look for them or in any other way care about them?

> You don't remember your own basics?;)

I believe that what I said is that those penguins should wait for 
guidance and help from the dolphin pods when the waters were safe.
I didn't say anything about leaving them behind if they wanted to
make the journey then.

As stated in an earlier post Sistina never said the "crossing conditions
with regards to LVM and K-2.4.0 were safe".  These are still uncharted
waters that we are working quickly to make safe.

Michael Declerck, declerck sistina com   +1.510.823.7991

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