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[linux-lvm] Basic Questions on LVM

I am 1 month old to LVM and have some basic doubts in
LVM code.

1.During initialisation y is it LVM is registered both
as a block and char device where as according to me it
is supposed to be a block device driver and when one
does the pvcreate,vgcreate..etc it calls the ioctls of
the char device of LVM.

2.what is exactly the control flow when and read/write
request is given to a file residing on the LVM
partition...(ie where and how exactly the mapping
tables exist..?)

3.what is the importance of VGDA and vgscan?

4.during boot up time what are checks/modification
made by the kernel with respect to the LVM/logical

5.moreover to what extent is KIOBUF supported on linux
2.4. Can someone give me the workaround to check for
KIOBUF working..


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