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Re: [linux-lvm] PB: undefined reference to memset

Joe Thornber a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just tried it and it worked fine.
> Make sure you start with a vanilla kernel 2.2.17
> patch with rawio
> patch with lvm
> config, build etc.
> In my haste I forgot to switch on the lvm procfs output option in make
> config.  This did failed to compile (another bug for the list), but
> it wasn't your error.
> - Joe
> > Changing my system release, I patched my kernel 2.2.17 with
> > lvm-0.9-2.2.17-stock.patch and linux-2.2.17-rawio.patch
> > Apparently, there was no errors.
> >
> > Then compiling my new kernel, I get this message:
> >
> > drivers/block/block.a(lvm.o): In function `lvm_do_vg_rename':
> > lvm.o(.text+0x295a): undefined reference to `memset'
> > lvm.o(.text+0x2972): undefined reference to `memset'
> > make: *** [vmlinux] Erreur 1
> >

Many thanks for your answer,

I used a 2.2.17 kernel that can be found on the net, but I don't know if
its name is Vanilla
I've patched it with the two patches i've found on sistina site for LVM

I did some other tests:
-  I wrote a small test C programm that use memset. I was able to
compile and execute it
without any problem.
-  Compiling the 2.2.17 kernel without LVM option and the patches works
-  I declared the memset function in lvm.c as  static (*memset)(void *,
int, size_t);
   and I was able to compile it, without any message saying that
reference to memset is not found !!

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with C and I don't see what can be the

Linux 2.2.17 | Philippe Lefevre   E-mail: ph l libertysurf fr |  =°)
             |                                                |  /\\

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