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[linux-lvm] lvmtab and lvmtab.d disappeared.

Hi there.
I use a Suse 6.4 (kernel 2.2.14-SUSE) with LVM since six months, with much pleasure.
I have only a Volume group, with 5 logical volumes.
Yesterday I decided to delete a logical volume and create a new one.
I went in single-user mode, made a  lvdelete,  then made a new logical volume with lvcreate, and create a new Reiser file system on it. After that, I came back in mode 3 and continuie to work. Everything war working fine.
Afer a normal shutdown, this morning my box couldn't access to the VG.
I Watched in the /etc directory, and there were no lvmtab and lvmtab.d

I run a vgscan -v, and I got these messages (this i s a summary):

ERROR - 132 volume group "vg1" is inconsistent
ERROR - unable to do a backup of volume group "vg1"
"etc/lvmtab" and "etc/lvmtab.d" were succesfully created.
But this was not true, there weren't any lvmtab in /etc.

I watched at your mailing list, to search for answers, but I find nothing .

Do you think is's possible to recover my VG and my partitions? 

I'm sending a "vgscan -d" log.



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