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[linux-lvm] [gfs-announce] GFS version 4.0 released


GFS version 4.0 has been released and is available via the Sistina web site

-> http://www.sistina.com/gfs/software/

This is the first non-beta release of GFS version 4.0.  All known bugs have 
documented in the Release Notes.  This is not to say that there are not other
bugs, just that we have not seen them in our testing.

In the near future a timeline for feature additions and performance 
will be released.  It will also be available at the above listed URL.

If you experience any problems please report them via Bugzilla at Sistina.com

-> Bugs     ==> http://bugzilla.sistina.com

If you would like to tell us how you are using GFS version 4.0 so that we can
provide a better product please fill out the survery at

-> Feedback ==> http://www.sistina.com/gfs/Pages/gfs_eval.html

Thank you for your continued support.  Now, go grab and start using it!

Michael Declerck, declerck sistina com   +1.510.823.7991

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