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[linux-lvm] Debugging and testing

	On a debugging and testing note...

	Has anybody tried building up sets of test data for the ioctl
calls that are designed to crash the kernel?  For example, random ioctls
on the character device, ones with invalid pointers, ones with strangely
inconsistent data, etc...

	Perhaps I'm being a bit too picky, but it seems to me there
should be as few ways as possible for a user space program (even one run
by root) to crash the kernel.  The LVM deice is especially this way
since whenever you're using it you're trying to perform some system
maintenance task with the express desire of not shutting down.  And,
since you're performing a system maintenance task, the system is likely
to be in an interesting state that may make it difficult to recover from
a crash.

	Anyway, I didn't know if anybody had done this or not, so I
thought I'd ask.

Have fun (if at all possible),
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