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[linux-lvm] OT; any -vollquottels- here?

This is higly OffTopic but....

Is it possible, that someone here never really has learned, how to cut 
quotings to the essential information needed to understand the answer w/o 
looking back in old Mails?

I mean, quotes are good, you can directly see what the writer is talking 
about and you don't really have to remember your entire mail..

But ... in case of a ML, there are archives, so even peoples who don't 
know the originating mail can acces the full thread.

What the heck need people in a complete quoting, splitting his mail into 
a answer, a full quote and a signature part?

(imho - we should send around a lot of (in german we say) "Netiquette" to 
everyone who doesn't know them;)

BTW, TOFU is a cool acronym for this - rotfl;)


P.s.: Is LVM9.x worth to be tried on a backup-less 62GB nirvana?
My last try wasn't really a nice jorney, so does it now work?;)
(NO i DON't use CVS, even w/o backups;)

hackbyte gmx de / me hackbyte de aka Daniel Mitzlaf (in rl only please;)
IRCNet; hackbyte/hacky_wrk @ #linux.de, +linux.de, #linuxger and 

"Schnell mal eben, geht schnell daneben!" ;)

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