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Re: [linux-lvm] Installed the lvm on the Red Hat 7.1 then what to do

On 28 Jun 2001 18:39:43 +0530, RAGHVENDRA SHUKLA wrote:
> Hello, 
>        Thanks austin for the tech. help you have provided ,
>        But still i am not clear about the difference between
>        the already created partitions ( which are created during the
>        Installation of linux ) and those created by the lvm , 
>        also can i increase only those partitions which are created 
>        by the Lvm ?? Please Reply and help .
with normal partitioning you have
* disks
* partitions (on those disks)
* filesystems (on those partitions)


    hda            (disk)
 hda1  hda2        (partitions)
  |      |
 ext2  reiserfs    (filesystems)

with (linux-)lvm you have 

* physical disks (PV) (on a partition or on a whole disk)
* volume groups (VG) (consists of one of more PV:s, think of them as virtual disks)
* Logival volumes (LV) (on those VG:s.  think of them as virtual partitions)


    hda1   hdc1      (PV:s on partitions or whole disks)
       \   /
        \ /
       diskvg        (VG)
       /  |  \
      /   |   \
  usrlv rootlv varlv (resizeable LV:s, think of them as resizeable virtual partitions)
    |      |     |
 ext2  reiserfs  xfs (filesystems)

So you need to 
1) create a pv
2) create a vg on that pv
3) create lv:s on that vg
4) create a filesystem on those lv:s
5) mount the lv:s

Hope that helps

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