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[linux-lvm] LVM kernel patch request

I'm running Redhat 7.1 kernel vmlinux-2.4.2-2smp.  I have tried a number
of times and can only conclude that I'm missing some step(s).
I have downloaded and installed the following RPMs from
ftp://ftp.sistina.com/pub/LVM/binaries/redhat/0.9.1_beta in the order:

1) lvm-base-1.1-1.i386.rpm
2a) lvm-iop10-0.9.1_beta7-1.i386.rpm
2b) lvm-iop10-lib-0.9.1_beta7-1.i386.rpm
3) lvm-iop10-man-0.9.1_beta7-1.i386.rpm
4) lvm-iop10-patchgen-0.9.1_beta7-1.i386.rpm

Per the instructions in the LVM HOWTO section 7.4
I edited the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit to add the following lines:

/sbin/vgchange -ay

and the file /etc/rc.d/init.d/halt with the following line

/sbin/vgchange -an

I boot my system using PowerQuest BootMagic and enter my Redhat
As Linux is booting and the vgscan is executed I see the following error

lvmiopversion -- LVM driver/module not loaded?

vgscan: /lib/lvm-iop not found.  Is lvm-iop installed?

I get the same message if I try to run vgscan after logging in and the
same or similar message from any vg command.

Also when I run lsmod, I do not see LVM listed and it is not under

I verified the install of all five rpm(s) and do not understand what I
may be doing wrong.

I can only conclude that it is not loading and I'm missing something.

Please HELP


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