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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM on Redhat 2.4.3-12 Kernel

> > I have now upgraded from RH 7.0 to 7.1 and compiled LVM statically in the
> > 2.4.3-12 kernel that came with RH 7.1.  When I boot using this kernel LVM
> > doesn't work.  It still works if I go back to the 2.2.19 kernel.

weird, i have RH7.1 with a RH7.1beta kernel and running lvm0.9.1_beta6
without problems.

surelly the lvm patch could fit better on a linus kernel, but IMHO
RedHat's kernels are easy to patch and rebuild from the package.

and once you have a package it is far easier to duplicate the installation
on several machines that doing tar/patch/make.

actually i've been waiting for lvm 1.0.0 to make a new rpm to replace my
old kernel with a new 2.4.3-12 based one (no need to hurry so far)

if someone is interested i will post the tested packages when ready (BTW
anyone knows what happened to the 1.0 release that was supposed to be



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