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Re: [linux-lvm] vg gone after vgextend

Goto ftp://ftp.sistina.com/pub/LVM/contrib and get

Read the README.  Run it on your system, then run vgscan.  It should fix
your problem.  If not, let me know.

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 09:39:02AM -0500, Eli Criffield wrote:
> I had LVM up and working great, even on the / filesystem. I had a
> /dev/hda1 that was a 4 gig filesystem that i tared my distribution to and
> /dev/hda2 that use to be my / filesystem and /dev/hda3 that was my volume
> group. I resized /dev/hda1 down to around 30 megs and made /dev/hda2
> 4+gig. I made /dev/hda1 /boot and had a initrd to turn on LVM and boot to
> the / filesystem on /dev/rootvg/root_lv. That all worked fine.
> Until i added /dev/hda2 (now about 4gig) to the volumegroup rootvg. All
> looked ok when i went to reboot. On the reboot it died in the ramdisk when
> it ran vgscan.
> "vgscan -- no volume groups found"
> I was then stuck with a none bootable machine. I'll save you the long
> story about the trouble i had making some kind of rescue disk, but i
> finally got one to work off a cd i had a friend burn for me.
> Now when i run pvscan i get 
> "pvscan -- inactive PV "/dev/hda3" is associated to an unknown VG (run
> vgscan)
> pvscan -- total: 14.4GB / in use 1 [14.4GB] / in no VG 0 [0]"
> it doesn't see /dev/hda2 that i added to the vg right before reboot, but
> thats not a problem because there was nothing on it yet anyway.
> pvscan -vv gives
> -- Physical volume ---
> PV Name		/dev/hda3
> VG Name		rootvg
> PV Size		14.4 GB / NOT usable 3.48 MB [LVM: 135KB]
> PV#		1
> PV Status	available
> Allocatable	yes
> CurLV		6
> P ESize (KByte)	4096
> Total PE	3685
> Free PE		1261
> Allocated PE	2424
> PV UUID		elhLo-Mw5J-8qaE-gN2D-zEYo-Woqh-qH7H5a
> System Id	eli.custom-edge.com993738446
> from what i can tell from the archives to do a vgcfgrestore is the next
> logical thing but it doesn't work for me
> vgcfgrestore -n rootvg /dev/hda3
> vgcfgrestore -- "/etc/lvmconf/rootvg.conf" doesn't exist
> vgcfgrestore -- a backup for volume group rootvg is not available
> which makes since because i booted off a rescue disk in a ram disk.
> vgscan still gives
> vgscan -- no volume groups found
> i did find this answer in the archives for a similar problem:
> > You need to edit the disk signatures and for each PV, insert all the
> > _other_ PV signatures in the right place.
> but no explanation on how to do that?
> Is that what i should be doing? If so how do i do that? If not what can i
> do to save this box?
> thanks a ton it will save a lot of hassle if i don't have to reinstall.
> eli

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