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[linux-lvm] Question about LVM


I ran into this issue with AIX lvm.  A hard drive died and the IBM
hardware monkeys removed the drive before mirroring could be broken
(removing lv copies down to one, and reducing the volume group by the one
dead drive)

However, because the drive had been removed before this could be done, the
VGDA still had the old PVID of the old hdisk and would not let me remove
it by the cannonical hdisk name.  The eventual solution was to run the
rmlvcopy command and reducevg command with the PVID instead of the
cannonical hdisk name.  There is no such command as rmlvcopy (or anything
related as far as I can tell with Linux) but the reducevg is the same as
vgreduce.  I am wondering if it's possible for a PV to be removed from the
VG in such a way that the PV path (device name?) no longer exists in the
system and thus, you wouldn't be able to do a vgreduce with the PV path
(device name?)  In this case, is it possible to run the vgreduce command
with the PVID of the removed drive?  Or does the Linux LVM handle this
automagically?  Is this even a possible case under Linux?  I have to admit
I'm still new to the Linux LVM after having worked with AIX LVM for years



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