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[linux-lvm] about to give up

Well I've run out of things to try and am about to start the process of
reinstalling everything. But i thought I'd give it one last try to see if
anyone had any ideas?

The story goes, I have three partitions on one hard drive /dev/hda1 (a 30
meg /boot) /dev/hda2, and /dev/hda3 are both LVM.

/dev/hda3 was the only LVM partition. I vgextened to include /dev/hda2,
then rebooted and now vgscan finds no volume groups.

pvscan only shoes that /dev/hda3 is part of a volume group and doesn't see
anything about /dev/hda2

uud_fixer gives me 
#./uuid_fixer /dev/hda2 /dev/hda3
/dev/hda2 - pv_read{}: PV identifier invalid 

but if i run it just against /dev/hda3 i get
#./uuid_fixer /dev/hda3                                               
Error: number of PVs passed in does not match number of PVs in /dev/hda3s       
1 PVs where passed in and 2 where expected        

#pvdata -U /dev/hda2 gives
pvdata -- ERROR "pv_read{}: PV identifier invalid" reading physical volume       
uuid list from physical volume "/dev/hda2"   

#pvdata -U /dev/hda3 gives
--- List of physical volume UUIDs ---                                            
000: elhLXoMw5J8qaEgN2DzEYoWoqhqH7H5a                                           
001: 9AoOf5F6c58dcyJ30pfwNp153TI5PjLF 

So /dev/hda2 has no information about being in volumegroup rootvg but
rootvg thinks it is, or at least thats as near as i can tell what's
wrong. Is there some way to remove /dev/hda2 from the volume group even if
i can't find it with vgscan. Is there some way to change /dev/hda2 so it
thinks there it is part of the volume group?

Thanks again for any help


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