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Re: [linux-lvm] Strtup probs !

I had the same experience. The lvm-how to needs to be updated (changes in the 
boot scripts for slackware). You going to have to change the rc.S file. I will 
prepare a patch for this tonight and post on the mail list, as well email it to 

In the mean time I can explain the problem to you. Currently the rc.S in 
slackware (I'm using version 8.0) does the following:
1. Mount to root partition as ro (read-only).
2. fsck all the filesystems in /etc/fstab. If one of them are a LVM partition 
fsck can't talk to that  then it can't fsck that filesystem and exits with an 
error - you then go into admin mode. In order for fsck to be able to check 
those filesystem you have to activate the volumes (i.e. vgchange -ay). To the 
problem is that you can only run vgchange -ya if the root partition is mounted 
rw. So you have a chicken-egg situation here.

My solution is: 
1. mount the root partition as read-only.
2. run fsck -a /  
3. remount the root partition as read-write 
4. run vgscan and vgchange -ay
5. run fsck -A -a -R     (will check all the fs but not the root, because it is 
already been checked and mounted read-write)

I havnn't converted my root partition on a LVM yet. I don't intent to do that 
not before I very sure that LVM 1.0 is released and stable. 

I'm sure quota should work. I might be under correction but quota will work for 
the filesystem, in your case /home is ext2 and should work.


> hi all,
> i need help with the following probs 'm facing.....
> my system is--->  512MB, 500Mhz, 3 scsi, Compaq server with 7.0 Slackware
> upgradded packages with latest from Slackware & kernel 2.4.6 ( with LVM as
> module)
> 1) could not start LVM with /etc/fstab entries !   ;-(
>     i have created initrd.gz & have done exactly as stated in HOW-TO to
> start LVM at startup ( i'm doing it only on my /home ).
>     if i dont put entries on my /etc/fstab ( for home & LVM) then it works
> ok, but sooner i put it there on boot there is an error of  something swap
> disk which takes me to administrative mode !!!!.. my /etc/fstab enrty is
> /dev/VGmail/LVmail    /home    ext2    defaults    1    1
> 2) can quota be implimented with LVM  for eg on my /home .. ??
> 3) how to have root partion on LVM.
>     i tried to do that too like in the HOW-TO & did dd on an empty partion.
> but when i tried to convert root partion to LVM  i got errors.. so can
> anyone tell me the actual steps pls !
> pls excuse me for my english
> thanxs in advance...
> arindam haldar
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