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Re: [linux-lvm] 2 LVM questions

What I would do is:

1. Create a Volume group using the 2 unused hard disks.
2. Create a file system on the new Logical volume
3. Copy your /var directory to the new filesystem mounted as /var2 (shutdown Mysql first so the data is clean).
4. Move /var to /var3 (mv /var /var3)
5. Mount new file system as /var

When you are satisfied that everything is working on LVM fine you can then delete the partition that /var3 is on (old /var) and use it to extend your logical volume.

moka hol gr wrote:

Hi there, new to LVM, so I would appreciate if you can point me to answers to these questions:

1) I have a system with 3 hard disks, and only one of them is presently used. This contains boot, root and swap plus a logical partition(not LVM) containing
/var and /home.

I have big database tables, so I would like
to create one volume group consisting of the 2
unused disks plus the /var. Is this possible
without losing what is in /var?
2) The reason I need  a lot of space is that mysql
 which I am using stores the database tables in /var.
Can I somehow "name" the volume group /var
 so that mysql will not be confused?

Thanks in advance,

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