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Re: [linux-lvm] I/O error: dev 08:11, sector 0

On 2001-07-20 21:13:56, Allan M. Wind wrote:

> > When does lvm create /dev/sdb1 (I only used /dev/sdb)?
> Still curios about this one as I did not create it and cfdisk does not
> seem to recognize the partition (just reports free space).  How is
> this partition locatated in relation to the disc device?  I get the
> above error if dd if=sdb1 but I would think the sector would be
> reachable via the the disc device also... perhaps there is something
> wrong with the device partition?
> Does lvm use the first sector?  If not, could it just be bad data that
> is somehow read and therefor complained about and could be wiped?
> Should I create a partition and feed that to pvcreate instead of
> giving it the raw disk?

Used `pvcreate /dev/sdb1` (instead of /dev/sdb) and everything works
as expected.  I suspect there is a bug with the combination of linux
2.4.6 (devfsd) and lvm 0.9.1beta7 causing a non-functional partition
to be created when you use the raw disk partition.

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