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Re: [linux-lvm] Help.

vgexport -a gives no volume groups found. vgexport myvg gives volume group "myvg" doesn't exist.

And yes, I had one LV spanning across all three PVs.

Steven Lembark wrote:

- Ben Konosky <bkonosky texas net> on 07/21/01 23:36:47 -0500:

I had a VG that had three PVs in it, one of the PVs failed, is there any way to trick the VG into thinking it only has two PVs in it so I can *try* to mount it and see what data I can pull off the remainder. The file system is reiserfs, and it was the third PV in the group that died.

vgexport and import it back with the valid PV's. You'll loose whatever was on the missing PV. If any of the LV's spanned PV's then you'll loose those LV's.

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