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[linux-lvm] downgrade from beta8 to beta7

Hi folks

I just had to downgrade back to beta7. I got 5 PVs /dev/sda[1269] and

I ran through the instructions to upgrade from 7 to 8, did pvversion -2 for
/dev/sda[1269] but *not* for /dev/md1 - I just missed it. Consequently, the
upgrade was not complete. Ok, downgrade back from 8 to 7 by changing the
version number with pvversion -1 /dev/sda[1269]. That failed. 

Lets read the docs: " ...  Note that the pvversion tool needs to have the
"right" userland tools in the PATH to work correctly so if you are
upgrading from beta7 to beta8 with the command "pvversion -2" then you
should have the beta7 tools on your PATH. If you are downgrading from beta8
to beta7 then you should have the beta8 tools on your PATH. ..."
I made it sure half a dozend times. Then I thought, well, try pvversion -1
/dev/sda[1269] with the PATH pointing to the *old* tools. That worked.

Is this some kind of coincidence or a typo in README.1st?

Then I activated the VG with beta7 tools, ran pvversion -2 for *all* my PVs
as recommended and now I'm all fine with beta8. 

BTW, all tools are linked statically - to avoid fiddeling with



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