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Re: [linux-lvm] Reiserfs, 2.4.7, snapshots w/ 0.9

On Wednesday, 25 July 2001, at 21:44:51 +0200,
Heinz J . Mauelshagen wrote:

> Mark,
> Chris Mason implemented an interface between the VFS and LVM, which is defined
> by 2 new functions VFS functions. They have to be supported in the filesystem
> itself in order to flush the journal and lock the filesystem for I/O, get
> back to LVM so that it can activate the prepared snapshot. LVM unlocks the
> filesystem after this.
> You pay a (small) I/O penalty for the journal flush.
> Because those functions are not in vanilla, you still need to patch the
> kernel with the linux-2.4.X-VFS-lock-patch contained in the LVM distribution :-(
Does it mean that, to support XFS snapshots you need to apply the patch ?.

This announcement says XFS 1.0.1 has "LVM snapshotting capability added",
but it says nothing about additional kernel patches required.

Could you clarify please ?.

José Luis Domingo López
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