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[linux-lvm] [WARNING] when upgrading to beta8


I have sucessfully completed the upgrade to beta8.  The upgrade was not without 
problems.  On the first boot into 2.4.7 with beta8 I got:

LVM_snapshot_full_COW_page failed vgchange -- ERROR "Bad Address" activating volume group "lv"

The snapshot in question was full before the upgrade...  booting to a recovery kernel and
runing the pvversion -1 command worked fine with the pv(s) in version 2 format but the beta7
tools active.  Once the pv(s) were version 1 again I ran vgscan and vgchange -ay and was
able to lvremove the snapshot.  After this a pvversion -2 and reboot gave me an upgraded
kernel and LVM.

I strongly suggest that any snapshots be lvremoved before upgrading.  

Think this needs to be part of the readme.

I would be very nice if the tools could be compiled to support both formats - this would make
upgrading simpiler.  It would be ok if a wrapper was used to make this work.  Think its better
to have twice the number of executables with backwards compatibility.   What could be done is
in ./configure check the lvm version and if its not beta8 or later generate in compatibility

BTW I was using the LVM on root procedure from the readme.

Ed Tomlinson

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