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Re: [linux-lvm] downgrade from beta8 to beta7

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 09:27:47PM +0200, Werner John wrote:
> Hi folks
> I just had to downgrade back to beta7. I got 5 PVs /dev/sda[1269] and
> /dev/md1. 
> I ran through the instructions to upgrade from 7 to 8, did pvversion -2 for
> /dev/sda[1269] but *not* for /dev/md1 - I just missed it. Consequently, the
> upgrade was not complete. Ok, downgrade back from 8 to 7 by changing the
> version number with pvversion -1 /dev/sda[1269]. That failed. 
> Lets read the docs: " ...  Note that the pvversion tool needs to have the
> "right" userland tools in the PATH to work correctly so if you are
> upgrading from beta7 to beta8 with the command "pvversion -2" then you
> should have the beta7 tools on your PATH. If you are downgrading from beta8
> to beta7 then you should have the beta8 tools on your PATH. ..."
>    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I made it sure half a dozend times. Then I thought, well, try pvversion -1
> /dev/sda[1269] with the PATH pointing to the *old* tools. That worked.
> Is this some kind of coincidence or a typo in README.1st?

I just skimmed through the pvversion script, it appears to be trying
to get the pe positions from pvdisplay even when doing a downgrade
(something it wont need to do).  Because you failed to upgrade fully,
the pvdisplay will fail with the beta8 tools, preventing you from
downgrading.  As far as I can tell you should be able to downgrade
with either your old or new tools (if they are working).  Sorry for
any trouble.

> Then I activated the VG with beta7 tools, ran pvversion -2 for *all* my PVs
> as recommended and now I'm all fine with beta8. 


- Joe

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