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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM Bug, or Human Incompetence?

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 07:21:15AM -0700, Mark Glines wrote:
> Note that the system is still useable at this point... the kernel LVM is fine,
> but none of the userland tools can find their asses (this includes receiving
> periodic lvmsadc crontab mouth-frothings about the kernel and /etc/lvmtab DB
> mismatch).  After a reboot, however, vgscan still can't find its ass and
> everything fails, taking most of the machine's overall competence with it 
> (obvious due to lack of /usr).  After a reboot, a sequence like the following
> is necessary to bring it back:
> cd /etc/lvmconf
> mv tweet.conf.1.old tweet.conf
> vgcfgrestore -v -n tweet /dev/hdb
> vgscan
> /etc/init.d/lvm restart
> mount /usr
> mount /home
> mount /music
> *start various services manually, reboot, or switch init runlvls*

> I'm running stock linux 2.4.6 LVM built as a module, with the debian sid "lvm10"
> package userland utilities (debian package version 0.9-1.2).

I think you might want to try using the LVM 0.9.1 Beta2 tools.  That is the
toolset that most closely matches the kernel LVM module.  That being said, it is
strongly recommended that you upgrade to the 0.9.1 Beta8 LVM, and patch your
kernel.  If you have an existing LVM setup, you will need to do some metadata
migration (this is outlined in the README.1st on the FTP site where you can get
LVM 0.9.1 Beta8 (ftp://ftp.sistina.com/pub/LVM/0.9.1_beta)

> hda2 used to be a DOS "extended" partition, containing 3 logical drives.  All 3
> of these have been migrated successfully to LV's (the VG using hdb as sole PV).
> That leaves me (after a bit of cfdisking) with one free partition taking up 80%
> of hda.  I'd love to use this partition as a PV and chuck it into the VG, but
> it doesn't seem to work, as I've documented above.
> Am I doing something wrong?  How outdated is the LVM code in stock 2.4.6?  If this
> isn't my fault, is this likely to be a kernel bug or userland bug?  Would a redo
> of the transscript, using -d instead of (or in addition to) -v, be useful?

The kernel LVM code is about 5-6 months out of date.  I am pretty sure that your
toolset is not very well matched for the kernel code.  As I said earlier, it is
strongly recommended that you download LVM 0.9.1 Beta8, and follow the procedure
in README.1st to upgrade to that version of LVM.

Hopefully the changes will be incorporated in the vanilla kernel soon...
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