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Re: [linux-lvm] [BUG] segmentation fault on snapshot with beta8

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 08:27:38AM -0400, Ed Tomlinson wrote:
> tob is a wrapper script for afio that can installed from a debian
> package.  The snapshotted fs is reiserfs.  I have the vfs locking
> patch installed along with:
> --------
> diff -Nru a/fs/reiserfs/super.c b/fs/reiserfs/super.c
> --- a/fs/reiserfs/super.c       Sun Apr 29 20:44:38 2001
> +++ b/fs/reiserfs/super.c       Sun Apr 29 20:44:38 2001
> @@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
>      reiserfs_prepare_for_journal(s, SB_BUFFER_WITH_SB(s), 1);
>      journal_mark_dirty(&th, s, SB_BUFFER_WITH_SB (s));
>      reiserfs_block_writes(&th) ;
> -    journal_end(&th, s, 1) ;
> +    journal_end_sync(&th, s, 1) ;
>    }
>    s->s_dirt = dirty;
>    unlock_kernel() ;
> --------

Hmm...trying to reproduce this on 2.4.6...and after applying the lvm 0.9.1
beta8 patch, the linux-2.4.4-VFS-lock patch and the above patch (in that
order), I still get this when trying to create and mount a snapshot:

reiserfs: checking transaction log (device 3a:00) ...
Using r5 hash to sort names
ReiserFS version 3.6.25
reiserfs: checking transaction log (device 3a:01) ...
clm-2076: device is readonly, unable to replay log
Replay Failure, unable to mount
reiserfs_read_super: unable to initialize journal space

Is there some other patch or magic I need to do to get ReiserFS snapshots
working?  I thought the VFS-lock patch was supposed to fix that...

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