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[linux-lvm] pvmove failure ...


I am having problems trying to pvmove stuff from one physical volume to
another. I first experienced this using kernel 2.4.3 with lvm
0.9.1beta6 and the 0.9.1beta7 Debian package of the lvm tools. I then
updated to 2.4.4 with the CVS version of lvm (as of 08/06/2001 +1000),
and I am still experiencing the same problems. Basically, pvmove simply

pvmove -- ERROR "pv_move_pe(): PE lock" pv_move_pe

pvmove -- ERROR "pv_move_pe(): PE lock" moving physical extents

and nothing is moved :-(

Attached is the gzipped output of an example session. Note that I get
this same problem if I attempt to move any of the other logical volumes
around as well :-( Any ideas/comments/tips?



   Timshel Knoll <timshel pobox com>  for Debian email: <timshel debian org>
                Geomatics/Computer Science double degree, RMIT
      Debian GNU/Linux developer, see http://people.debian.org/~timshel/
                For GnuPG public key: finger timshel debian org

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