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Re: [linux-lvm] LILO configuration for LVM "boot" filesystem

> Another thing to consider if you run 2.4 kernel -- mount tmpfs on /tmp
> (and give some reasonable size restrictions).   This way, /tmp works
> much faster, does not need to be cleaned on boot, and will not eat
> root's space.  You should have reasonable swap space it you plan to
> use it heavily.  Works very well here.

tmpfs? I thought that existed only on Solaris, and the primary reason for
tmpfs is that Solaris's UFS is so ssllooww compared to other FS (e.g.
ext2, reiser, etc.)

It's in Linux 2.4 also. It has the same unfortunate problem as on Solaris, that once someone fills /tmp, you run out swap and daemons start dying.

Main reason for it on Solaris is systems w/ Large core (4GB+) who (a) never
ever swap or noticably trim proc's and (b) got annoyed at wasiting 10+GB on
Sun's 2xcore rule for swapspace. If you have a4GB system w/ 8GB of [unused]
swap the odds of filling up /tmp are rather small. If you have a 128MB system
with 10-20MB of swap in use it's a whole lot more likely.

As always: YMMV :-)

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