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[linux-lvm] LVM metadata corruption?


We had a LVM problem that we believe was caused by corrupted
LVM-metadata. Can anyone confirm if this is a likely explanation?

1. Installed LVM 
2. Created a single vg on a single device with a single lv
3. Used without problems for a while
4. Added a new device
5. Add the device to the vg, extend the lv and the filesystem
6. We experienced scsi-problems at this time.
7. Fixed scsi termination

After a reboot, mounting the filesystem(xfs) oopsed.

lvdisplay -v segfaulted, but there was no backtrace.

We recreated the lvm vg and lv, and the filesytem - everything worked

My theory is that the vgextend or lvextend corrupted the lvm-metadata
because of the scsi-termination problem. LVM doesn't update the metadata
using a transactional log, does it? so if a write failed, the data will
become corrupted? (yes, I know a copy is saved in the /etc/lvm files)

Unfortenately we needed the system back online right away, so the
metadata is no gone. No way of debugging it futher.

Thank you.

Ragnar Kjorstad
Big Storage

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