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[linux-lvm] Hardlock and volume loss ?

	I've been playing with LVM for a few days, and finally decided to
risk 80gigs of data to it... bit of a mistake with hindsight. Earlier this
evening during an ftp transfer to the machine the box hardlocked. No errors
or anything, just completely dead to the world. On reboot I found i could
not access my LVM. After reading the postings, I had a poke and found that
while pvscan initally said it found the drives but didnt know which VG,
using vgcfgrestore i could fix that. The problem is if I try to make the PV
active, it "looses" this information and says 

milita:/etc/lvmconf# vgchange -ay
vgchange -- ERROR "Invalid argument" activating volume group "media"

	I've posted what I thought was relavent to

	I'm pretty sure the data is intact, and I hope the lvm can be
put back together (hopefully so I can still resize/add to it)

	Any help would be apprecaited, oh and I'm running todays (12/13th
March 2001) cvs lvm programs.

Thanks in advance


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