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[linux-lvm] Problem win Suse 7.0

	This is my partition table disk:

	hda1	Boot	Primary	Linux ext2	16M
	hda2		Primary	Linux ReiserFS	1G	(/)
	hda5		Logical	Linux ReiserFS	2GB	(/usr)
	hda6		Logical	Linux ReiserFS	1GB	(/usr/local)
	hda7		Logical	Linux ReiserFS	1GB	(/var)
	hda8		Logical	Linux swap	128M
	hda9		Logical	Linux ReiserFS	450M	(/home)

	I set 'Linux LVM' in hda2, hda5, hda6, hda7 and hda9. When I write
	the new table, the display show me next message:

	Wrote partition table, but re-read table failed. Reboot to update table

	so I reboot my computer.

	My kernel version is 2.2.16.

	myhost#cat /proc/lvm

	LVM driver version 0.8e (4/1/2000)
	Total: 0VGs	0 PVs	0 LVs	(0 LVs open)
	Global: 138 bytes vmalloced	IOP Version: 6	1:12:19 active

	When the machine is up again, I execute

		pvcreate /dev/hda2
		pvcreate /dev/hda5
		pvcreate /dev/hda6
		pvcreate /dev/hda7
		pvcreate /dev/hda9

	I execute again 'cat /proc/lvm' and I get the same information.
	Is this correct?

	The last command I execute is ...

		vgcreate grp1Beta /dev/hda2 /dev/hda5 /dev/hda6 /dev/hda7 /dev/hda9

	When I press enter key, the display show me next messages

		vgcreate -- INFO: using default physical extent size 4Mb
		vgcreate -- INFO: maximum logical volume size is 255.99 Gigabyte

	and I must reboot the machine because it doens't nothing.

	What am I doing wrong?

	Thanks a lot!!


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