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Re: [linux-lvm] Recovering PV's VG metadata

Thanks to Heinz & Andreas for your suggestions. They are "almost" working. :-) I can activate the VG, but I'm getting "wrong major or minor number" from the mount of the lvol, so I'm thinking I have an offset that is not correct.

Heinz, you're assumptions (listed below) are correct. The PVs are identical models.

One thing I have a question about, and this may lead to resolving my offset problem, is where does the following pvdata info come from?
hda showed: (after LILO, which, I can see from the hex dump, was indeed the problem)
PV Size               12.14 GB / NOT usable 3.21 MB [LVM: 16.09 MB]
hdc showed:
PV Size               12.14 GB / NOT usable 3.24 MB [LVM: 242 KB]

After I copied the header over, they are the same (as hdc). Should they be the same? Or do I need to fudge some more numbers in the hda header.

Heinz, from your paragraph below: What should I be looking for to identify the first sector of "?" Is there a block diagram available with the metadata layout?

Andreas, this appears to be a v1 header, so no uuid. This confused the heck out of me for a while, until I finally deciphered part of lvm.h. Also, pvdata doesn't support -PU on this release.

If I can't get the offset fixed, I'll probably try creating the "lvrecover" that Andreas suggested.

One the bright side, I do have a backup I recovered! On the dark side, my backups have been flaky, and the only good one was two months old :-( Time to invest in a new tape drive. Well 12G of data is better than no data at all.

Heinz J. Mauelshagen wrote:

I understand:

- you are not booting from hda or hdc

- hdc still holds a valid LVM VGDA

- likely the first sector of hda got blown away (by lilo)

 - you don't have any /etc/lvmconf/ VGDA backup files on disk/tape
   (if not so use vgcfgrestore(8) in order to restore metadata to /dev/hda!)

I'm assuming based on the data below:

- your 2 physical volumes are equal in size

 - you had just 1 logical volume spread over both physical volumes using
   all of the VG's capacity

 - all of your VGDA with the exception of the physical volume structure,
   which was sitting at the very beginning of hda is still there and
   likely valid

*If* the above assumptions are correct, your option is to copy the first sector of /dev/hdc over to /dev/hda with "dd if=/dev/hdc bs=512 count=1 of=/dev/hda" *and* change it with a hex editor.

In order to find the correct offsets into the first sector on /dev/hda to
change, look at lvm.h (of LVM 0.8final!) and the definition of pv_disk_t in
that header file.

At least you need to change the physical number (pv_number); set it to 1.

In case the above assumptions are not correct for eg. the sizes of the PVs
differ, you need to change pv_size, pe_total and pe_allocated as well.

Please get back to me if this is the case.

BTW: we are working on the enhancement of our LVM checker in order to support such repairs. Not very helpfull for you nor, I know :(

Don't forget to check your /etc/lilo.conf to make sure, that lilo doesn't
tamper with the first sector on /dev/hda again!

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