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Re: [linux-lvm] vgscan won't recognize my VG

Andreas Dilger wrote:

> Patch below.  Only needed if you have < beta6 kernel code.  It probably
> should be put into the standard tools, however, because a lot of people
> are still using beta2 kernel code.

err... is this a patch for generating the kernel patch? I _do_ have the beta6
sources, compiled the tools and generated the patch, but the kernel doesn't
compile. It says sth. about unresolved symbols. Indeed, if I compile lvm as a
module (lvm-mod.o), I can build the kernel and the modules, but there seems to be
"unresolved symbols". Hmmm... and I have had to deactivate lines 333-335 in
tools/lib/liblvm.h because there is a name conflict with this function and the
standard one...
I also have had to add the include dir of the kernel source tree to the
CFLAGS because of a couple of ENOENTs... I have to say that I don't and can't have
the source tree in the standard location (/usr/src) because I'm not root.... I am
sure that I'm doing something stupidly wrong. Am I right?

Thanks for your patience,
 David Vidal R. (vidalrod in tum de)

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