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Re: [linux-lvm] [catch22] lvm vs reiserfs

On Thursday, March 22, 2001 02:46:31 PM -0500 Ed Tomlinson
<tomlins cam org> wrote:

> Hi,
> I decided to really try out some of the features built into 2.4.  Using a 
> 2.4.2-ac20 kernel I my root on /dev/lv/root as a reiserfs filesystem.  So
> far so good.  Now I want to back it up.  So I created a snapshot with
> lvcreate -L 50 -s -n snap /dev/lv/root.  This works too.  Problem happens
> when I want to mount /dev/lv/snap to back it up logically.  At this point
> reiserfs wants to replay its journal....  Of course it cannot
> (snapshot=ro).
> How can this be resolved?  Is there a way to sync root just after the lvm
> data gets updated in /etc but before the snapshot starts?  How else might
> this be fixed (is it fixed already somewhere)?

Go to ftp.sistina.com, and grab 0.9.1_beta6.  Apply
linux-2.4.2-VFS-lock.patch that is included in PATCHES directory after
untarring.  This provides the rest of the lockfs API I coded with the LVM


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