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Re: [linux-lvm] lvmgui 0.2 release

Jorg de Jong <jorg de jong ida xs4all nl> writes:

> In this release I have also include the source code, for those who
> are interested.

  rather interesting, yes. I guess I'll someday have to install java
  on my boxes... :/
> Although I did not get that match feedback on my first release, I
> still hope people find the LVM Gui useful, despite the fact that it
> is written in java.

  well, I, and a lot of people I know, don't use java much (read: at
  all) and hence don't have it installed. it might be useful to at
  least have some links pointing people to where they could download a
  working java system for their linux flavor. :)
> + New Features / Enhancements / Bug Fixes
> - added images for LV and PV. 
> - extend/reduce a VG
> - extend/reduce a LV
> - added vgscan in menu
> - changed File->Rescan to File->Refresh

  sounds cute. I was actually thinking of writing something like this
  myself, but can't really decide on what language to do it in. :)


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