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Re: [linux-lvm] lvmgui 0.2 release

"Eric M. Hopper" <hopper omnifarious mn org> writes:

> Tcl/Tk has got to be the ickiest language I've ever had the
> displeasure of writing a program in this side of BASIC. It combines
> the obtuseness of lisp with the execution speed of Javascript.

  what? ick. Common Lisp is _very_ nice to work with thank you. that
  Tcl is the ultimate masochist language even beyond befunge on the
  other hand is true.
> Might I humbly suggest Python. :-) Python is much cleaner than
> Tcl/Tk. 

  python is fair enough. 

> You can even use Tcl/Tk from Python without having to write any Tcl
> code. Or, you could use PyGTK or PyGNOME and have a nicer looking
> interface. :-) It's also nearly as fast to develop in as Tcl/TK. It
> has a command line interpreter and a very regular set of rules.

  I was locked in a few choices, I know perl very well, I know python
  quite well. I know lisp enough to love it. 

  the question is maintenance. and I wonder if I write perl so much
  better than python that it would be a good idea. then again, I'm not
  that happy producing code in either. 

  and right now, I don't have time. :(
> Have fun (if at all possible),

  oh, we do try.


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