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Re: [linux-lvm] lvmgui 0.2 release

Jens Benecke <jens jensbenecke de> writes:

> well, if you want quick, easy but powerful GUI development try Qt.

  right. and you'll suggest using C++?  the python-interface isn't
  that grand, to put it bluntly.

> You can provide a static version for those who don't have a desktop
> environment like KDE running, my main reason for Qt is however that
> it's just plain *FUN* to hack. Easy, straight forward, fast, stable
> and free - GPL'ed.

  I'll agree to most of that. and the docs are wonderful. the only
  issue is the light fact that it's written in C++. I sadly enough
  think that if I ever start something like this I'll be ending up
  using perl/[G]tk. 

> Just my opinion, however.

  don't worry, you're entitled to it. :p

Terje - who dislikes C++ a tad more than Java, and a tad less than
        Tcl. maybe something written in TECO would be nice.

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