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Re: [linux-lvm] lvmgui 0.2 release

On 28 Mar 2001 01:59:49 +0200, Terje Kvernes wrote:
> Jens Benecke <jens jensbenecke de> writes:
> > well, if you want quick, easy but powerful GUI development try Qt.
>   right. and you'll suggest using C++?  the python-interface isn't
>   that grand, to put it bluntly.
> > You can provide a static version for those who don't have a desktop
> > environment like KDE running, my main reason for Qt is however that
> > it's just plain *FUN* to hack. Easy, straight forward, fast, stable
> > and free - GPL'ed.
>   I'll agree to most of that. and the docs are wonderful. the only
>   issue is the light fact that it's written in C++. I sadly enough
>   think that if I ever start something like this I'll be ending up
>   using perl/[G]tk. 
> > Just my opinion, however.
>   don't worry, you're entitled to it. :p
> -- 
> Terje - who dislikes C++ a tad more than Java, and a tad less than
>         Tcl. maybe something written in TECO would be nice.

In case you guys haven't checked out ruby please do.  It's alot cooler
than python and there is both tk, gtk, fox and qt-interfaces to it.  (I
think the QT one is pre-alpha or something :) )

/Erik  - this is kinda of-topic isn't it? :)

Erik Bågfors               | http://erik.bagfors.nu/    
erik bagfors nu            | Erik Bagfors engohol se
Supporter of free software | GSM +46 733 279 273
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