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Re: [linux-lvm] alternate pathing with lvm?

The Linux LVM does not currently support alternate pathing (or, as HP
calls it, alternate PV links). LinuxCare did some work on a generic SCSI
alternate pathing feature for the Sun S3 StorEdge arrays (see the
LinuxCare web site for more info on this). I have been giving some
thought to implementing alternate pathing on the "md" level. Basically,
the lower it is implemented in the driver stack, the more generic and
useful it is. I do not know whether alternate pathing is in Sistina's
(or anyone's) roadmap, but it sure would be a cool feature!


And thus it came to pass that Stephan Hendl wrote:
(on Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 08:27:53AM +0200 to be exact)

> Hi all,
> following the discussions in last June and Hovember, resp. I want to ask oncemore wether there is an alternate pathing with the linux-lvm possible or not. We are using several HP MC/SG-Cluster and want to implement an Linux-Cluster with the RadHat Cluster Software too. In the backend there is a HP XP512 and a SAN; the Linuxserver shell be connected to the Storagebox via two FC-HBAs (like the HP servers are). We do not need an online load balancing, all we want is to have a feature for continous work during firmwareupdates, configuration works on FC-switches and so on.
> regards
> Stephan
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