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Re: [linux-lvm] lvmgui 0.2 release

On 28 Mar 2001 07:34:08 -0500, Ed Tomlinson wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 March 2001 02:26, you wrote:
> I take a different view than most people here.  Java is fine.
> I do not mind a java gui.  If the program is stuctured right,
> the same code would allow me to administer a linux lvm from
> almost any box (linux or not) all with the same code, without
> any recompiles.
> Java works.  Your gui will be a nice addition.  Please write it
> in what even lang you want too.

No no no.. languages are religion.  If you're not with us you're against
us :)

No.. just kidding.. I agree.. use the whatever is the right tool for you
to get the job done.  However, talking about tools is never wrong..

/Erik - will leave this OT stuff now :)

Erik Bågfors               | http://erik.bagfors.nu/    
erik bagfors nu            | Erik Bagfors engohol se
Supporter of free software | GSM +46 733 279 273
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