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Re: Re: [linux-lvm] LVM & high system load

Dominique Larchey-Wendling loria fr wrote:
> Dominique LARCHEY-WENDLING wrote:
> > relatively poor IO perf. (my cpu is only PII 333) on LVM volumes. I
> > tested reiserfs and ext2fs and I only get about 2.5Mb/s with 100% CPU
> > load,
> > mostly system time.
> More over, doing a CPU intensive task (like kernel comp.) (not involving
> LVM, the
> sources are not on a LV) cut the IO perf. of LVM fs by half.
> So it seems that the LVM is eating a lot of CPU on my system and this is
> what is limiting fs perf.

I doubt it, I've got LVM0.9.1b7 on a 486 without any real load... even when
compiling the kernel.  I also have reiserfs on 2.2.19.	I noticed in your
previous post that you had 3 pv's on the same physical disk... that may be
contributing, depending on your PE layout on the PVs.  If not, it's
definitely silly :)

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