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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM Questions

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 08:56:00AM +0200, Adrian Phillips wrote:
> >>>>> "Evan" == Evan Day <banal home com> writes:
> <snip>
>     >> What ext2 resize utility is the ideal choice for LVM to
>     >> use. parted seems to be quite functional, but having to down
>     >> the machine to single is a but annoying. Has anyone
>     >> successfully used the ext2online utility on RedHat? It seems as
>     >> though the version of e2fsprogs that includes this code is part
>     >> of RH 7.1 anyways. At least from what I can tell. The online
>     >> resizing would definitely be required for a highly available
>     >> system as well.
>     Evan> I don't have much experience with ext2 resizing, but the
> I haven't either.
>     Evan> reiserfs can easily be extended.  I'm not sure if it is
>     Evan> supported or not, but I've actually extended filesystems
>     Evan> while mounted with no ill effects.
> I believe it is officially supported, ie. if it breaks then its a bug,
> and have done it now several times, at least on lightly loaded
> filesystems. Its not quite as convienient as AIX's LVM, in that one
> resizes the filesystem and the logical volume is automatically
> resized, but if I'm bothered I'll write a wrapper script around
> lvextend/lvreduce for that.
> A question for the developers if they notice. Why lvextend and
> lvreduce, as they do the same things. Is it just for clarity ? A
> lvresize with + or - or a fixed size to could the same ?

The Linux LVM CLI is as close as possible to the HP/UX one which has
those commands (and vgextend/vgreduce as well) seperate.
This makes at least me as a long term HP/UX LVM user happy ;-)

lvresize can easily be made as a convenence wrapper though...

> <snip>
>     >> I also read an older thread on an X11 GUI as well as some
>     >> replies to it. The GUI that comes with Veritas is completely
>     >> useless and the command line tools are completely
>     >> over-engineered. While it would be nice for a small company
>     >> trying to save money not to call in a specialist to create
>     >> VG's, it certainly wouldn't be a requirement. Get everything
>     >> stable, reliable and consistent than someone will probably have
>     >> the time to create the GUI. I'd dedicate time to that type of
>     >> project, but why bother when the code isn't quite there
>     >> yet. There's no reason.
>     Evan> LVM is so simple that, IMHO, a GUI shouldn't be an
>     Evan> overriding concern.  Then again, I've been working with LVM
>     Evan> on HP-UX for many years, and I find the CLI utilities to be
>     Evan> much more efficient than waiting for SAM (the HP-UX sysadmin
>     Evan> GUI) to poll everything, build displays, etc.  The current
>     Evan> CLI tools are lean and aligned with the LVM model in a way
>     Evan> that is both logical and easy to understand.
> On the web page there is a BETA lva, written in perl-tk which works
> nicely although somewhat limited currently. I like the pie chart look,
> not for me personally, CLI type myself, but for some of the others at
> work who must have a GUI for everything, yukk :-)
> Sincerely,
> Adrian Phillips
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