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Re: [linux-lvm] Graphical tool for LVM?

On Wed, 9 May 2001, David Vidal Rodriguez wrote:

> Does anybody know of somebody working on a X-based management tool for
> LVM?

There is at least one perl/Tk project, can be found on freshmeat, URL
escapes my lazy head now =)

> If not, I would start trying to make something à la "Disk
> administration" of WinNT/2k,

Pleasepleasepleaseplease, don't do it like that POS ;)

> with resizing of both LV and fs and things
> like that. The idea of this is to have a graphical overview of how are
> VGs LVs arranged on our PVs and easy administration.

This would be very nice to have right from the start, for example
in DiskDruid. I'm sure a lot of dists would not yet be willing to
take it in though (apart from Rock maybe?). SGI did the XFS
install disks, though. Maybe something similiar. Curses "GUI"
as well as X (Xaw would be ideal/servers, GTK for prettiness).

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