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Re: [linux-lvm] Graphical tool for LVM?

On Wed, 9 May 2001, David Vidal Rodriguez wrote:

> > There is at least one perl/Tk project, can be found on freshmeat, URL
> > escapes my lazy head now =)
> I've looked at freshmeat right now, and there is a project, indeed. Tell
> your "lazy head" about the address :) :
> http://www.widd.de/bernd/lva/

I'm sure I have that somewhere. I have a computer for that kind of things
=) Anyway, that's the Tk one? No others?

Personally I didn't find it to be very useful, I rather get along with the
(excellent) command-line utils.

> > Pleasepleasepleaseplease, don't do it like that POS ;)
> Why not? Something I like of Windows 2000 is its Disk Administrator.
> Thanks for pointing me to freshmeat, I wouldn't think about it...

I haven't looked at the win2k one more than a glance, only the NT4
one. It's like fdisk but more useless ;)

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