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Re: [linux-lvm] SCSI/LVM problems after power outage

"Day, Evan" wrote:
> It looks like device 2 is having issues:
> SCSI disk error : host 2 channel 0 id 2 lun 0 return code = 18000002
> However, it has been several years since I worked with Sun machines, so I
> could be wrong.  Regardless, it doesn't sound like an LVM issue, but a
> hardware issue.  Unfortunately, I can't offer much recovery advice - most of
> my LVM experience is with HP-UX, and we use mirroring (RAID-1) at work -
> just unplug the bad drive, plug in a new one, and do a vgsync.  I think you
> can add a replacement drive to the VG and use pvmove to try and move the PEs
> from the bad drive to the new drive, but I wouldn't take my word for it...

LVM -- or raid -- shouldn't normally be able to cause scsi-level 
errors.  ext2 might complain about hoked up data, but the scsi
stuff happens at the circut level.  looks like your disk got fried.

you might want to try running a low-level scsi check on the disk
(non-destructive, hopefully).  this would also be a really good
time to verify your backups...

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