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Re: [linux-lvm] Problems: reiserfs lvm as /

Peter Kirk wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to LVM, and I ran into some problems.
> First thing I did, was to setup LVM within the SuSE7.1 setup tools, which
> worked out fine.
> /boot is not on LVM, ext2fs
> swap is not on LVM
> LVM:
>         /       [reiserfs]
>         /usr    [reiserfs]
>         /home   [reiserfs]
> I have too disks, so I set the strip option to two, to get better
> performance. Now I want to compile a new kernel (2.4.4), and I cannot get lvm
> working with it. Since root is on LVM I need to do this lvmcreate_initrd
> stuff, but it does not work ! I get:
> VFS: Mounted root (ext2 file system).

What a hell ext2fs does with your reiserfs filesystem??
Do you have compiled reiser as a module or in kernel?
Do you have included and loaded reiserfs from your initrd
if it is a module?
Why in a case when your root is on reiserfs, you included
ext2 in kernel?

Ummm... :)

> attempt to access beyond end of device
> 01:00: rw=0, want=4612, limit=4096

Doh!  Ext2 code should check more carefully if it
mounted (or attempted to) ext2 fs -- what a bizzare,
ext2 code treats reiserfs as ext2fs!..


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