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Re: [linux-lvm] XFS and LVM

In article <20010523010640 C2933 vestdata no>, Ragnar Kjørstad <lvm ragnark vestdata no> wrote:
>> It wouldn't mount afterward... It was only on /usr/local
>> whuch was backed up.

> Did you report it to reiserfs-list namesys com?

That doesn't always help. I once had a ~1 meg file in the reiserfs root
filesystem which wouldn't delete but I laways got a nice oops. I reported
it to Hans and got a reply that someone would look at it bit that never
actually happened (at least got no feedback).

But that was just once. I still have everything on reiserfs on LVM on my
machines, and just started to experiment with XFS. The fact that it is not
shrinkable is a bit annoying though. Like AIX JFS. ... 

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