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Re: [linux-lvm] XFS and LVM

In article <200105231113 f4NBDLA21032 jen americas sgi com>, Steve Lord <lord sgi com> wrote:

> Shrinking is also a less used operation in production situations than growing,

This what IBM marketing as well always told me (when I was an IBMer) but it
turned out over time that I don't always buy a new disk when I need more
space, but try to clean up some leftovers and resize my partitioning. Then
it's nice if you can shrink. I mean you can always backup a filesystem,
delete it, create it smaller, and restore the backup. But that is
cumbersome and requires more scheduled downtime than desirable. 

Does SGI have plans to eventually implement shrinking, or am I left with
the every so often heard marketing statement that I sure don't need it? 


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