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Re: [linux-lvm] Is now: Resizing & LVM shutdown

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 03:11:27PM +0900, Glenn Shannon wrote:
>Rupert Heesom wrote:
>> On 23 May 2001 22:36:20 -0500, Austin Gonyou wrote:
>>> I'd say use reiser of XFS for your LVM partition. The grow utilities are
>>> pretty kick ass and seem to work really well.

I run it as my root device with reiserfs on it and don't bother with init /
shutdown scripts. No problems.

>> Thanks for your advice.
>> However, right now I need more help getting LVM to properly shut down
>> when the PC is unmounting the disks in the /etc/rc.d/init.d/halt script.
>> An extract from another post of mine:
>> I've discovered that my /etc/rc.d/init.d/halt script is set up
>> incorrectly for LVM.  When I previously installed LVM, I followed
>> instructions, and put a "vgchange -an" into the halt script just after
>> /proc is umounted.
>> What I'm finding now is that when I'm shutting the PC down, vgchange is
>> complaining that it can't close the VG down because there's an active
>> partition (something like that).  I've had a look at the halt script,
>> and I can't figure out exactly how umounting the LV & deactivating the
>> VG would work.
>> I put a tentative line right above the "/sbin/vgchange -an" saying
>> "umount /dev/vg/root".   However, if I'm unmounting root BEFORE
>> deactivating the VG, then the system won't find the /sbin/vgchange util
>> will it?  
>>>>>  I've tried shutting the PC down with that extra "halt" script line
>> in there.  It doesn't help at all.
>> I do have  /boot/initrd-lvm-2.4.3.gz which is used at boot time.  This
>> ramdisk does have /sbin/vgchange in it (which you probably know).  If
>> root is unmounted when /sbin/vgchange is called, will the system use the
>> ramdisk?   If so, how does it know to use it?   (I'm kinda new to
>> figuring out how ramdisks work, I just follow instructions and they
>> work!)
>>> -- 
>>> Austin Gonyou
>>> Systems Architect, CCNA
>>> Coremetrics, Inc.
>>> Phone: 512-796-9023
>>> email: austin coremetrics com
>>> On 23 May 2001, Rupert Heesom wrote:
>>>> As I write this, a new kernel is being compiled with the patch for
>>>> online ext2resizing.  According to xconfig, enabling the option was
>>>> As I think about it, since I've installed that root ramdisk (works
>>>> great), I don't actually need to be able to resize my LVM partition
>>>> mounted.  Still, it's good to have a kernel with such a capability.
>>>> I'm not concerned now about UNMOUNTING / deactivating the LVM when
>>>> shutting the PC down.  That doesn't seem to be working at all.  (See
>>>> another post of mine re details there).
>>>> Perhaps you would know how to help me there?  I'll experiment a bit
>>>> myself, but I'm afraid of damaging the LV, since when I reboot my PC,
>>>> the VG is not yet deactivated!  However it _has_ happened twice now
>>>> without a problem.
>>>> On 23 May 2001 16:56:35 -0600, Andreas Dilger wrote:
>>>>> If you patch your kernel with the online ext2 patches, you can resize
>>>>> your root partition while it is still mounted.  You will still need a
>>>>> reboot to install the new kernel, however, but only the one time.  See
>>>>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2resize/
>>>>> It still isn't a bad idea to have a small non-LVM partition on one of
>>>>> your disks which has a kernel you can boot from, along with useful
>>>>> tools in /lib and /sbin.  I guess miniroot is such a thing.
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>Try this:
>Right before the line in your /etc/init.d/halt script (it may be named 
>different than that however, like shutdown or maybe even reboot):
>Before the line that remounts the root (/) partition read-only, put the 
>lsof >/lsof.output
>Then reboot. There should be a file in / called lsof.output. Read that 
>and it will let you know all files in use (which would be the reason 
>that it can't unmount the partition).
>Good luck!
>Glenn Shannon
>linux-lvm mailing list
>linux-lvm sistina com
>read the LVM HOW-TO at http://www.sistina.com/lvm/Pages/howto.html

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