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Re: [linux-lvm] EMC Storage + LVM + XFS

I don't think I'm clear on your statement. As far as I know, which is a
lot about EMC, you can definitely plug disks online. Having Linux see
them? Not necessarily so, but I believe the polling interval for the Fibre
driver will take care of that.

Austin Gonyou
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Coremetrics, Inc.
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On Fri, 25 May 2001, Stephan Austermuehle wrote:

> On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 10:57:25PM -0400, S. Michael Denton wrote:
> > vgscan is your friend :) (read my earlier post about moving an entire
> > bus around)
> This can only be a workaround because you cannot plug disks online
> when you need to vgscan.
> Stephan
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