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RE: [linux-lvm] Upgrading to Mandrake 8.0

Have you actually used mandrake 8.0 already?

Unless you have some good reason to do so, ie not mere
upgrade-fever, stay with 7.2

Believe me... 8.0 is still "cooker" they just *had* to
release it for wider testing...

But LVM-wise, I havn't a clue that would help you do the upgrade.
However, I did try going from 7.1 to 7.2 and it broke BADLY!

Best bet is to reinstall not upgrade.

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> Subject: [linux-lvm] Upgrading to Mandrake 8.0
> Hi,
> I've Mandrake 7.2 with LVM 0.9.1-beta7 installed on one volume group. My 
> logical volumes are reiserfs formatted. Upgrading to Mandrake 8.0 fails 
> because the standard upgrade program doesn't recognize my volume 
> group very 
> well. Has someone succeeded in upgrading ?
> Thanks,
> Diederick
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