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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM success story


thanks for your nice feedback!

Kind regards,
Heinz    -- The LVM Guy --

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 06:55:31PM -0400, scott dixie dyndns org wrote:
> I know this list gets quite a few complaints and bug reports, so I figured
> a success story would be a welcome post :)  After fighting a bit with the
> BIOS and lilo, it was good to see how quickly and seamlessly LVM caught its
> breath and kept moving.  I had LVM 0.9.1b6 on 2.2.19 for quite some time
> when I decided I was sick of having to boot off of floppy due to BIOS
> incompatibilities, so I flipped the primary and secondary chains such that
> hda became hdc and hdb became hdd.  The only disk that gave -any- problem
> was the root disk, which wasn't LVM anyway so I expected problems.  As far
> as the other 3, which were LVM'd into several LV's under a single VG, I
> just had to remove the lvm files from /etc and do a vgscan.
> One weirdness I did see while fighting with lilo was a few times was that
> it would see my scsi vg and detect its name but vgdisplay subsequentally
> would see 2 identical vg's, both the ide/internal disk vg.  It is entirely
> possible that it was just a weirdness with my lvm files in /etc, however,
> as a complete clean and rescan fixed it.
> Great job on a much-needed volume manager for linux!
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