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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: [reiserfs-list] lvm-list pointed to reiserfs: fs/lvm-problems?

 PB> Hi!
 PB> extend an existing (0.8i) LV)
 PB> so i created a new kernel (2.4.2) with lvm 0.9.1_beta7
 >> Linux-2.4.4 has serious reiserfs bugs fixed.

 PB> hmm, i tried to make a LVM patch for it but this fails - yesterday i saw a
 PB> message, that there's somewhere a patch for the 2.4.4 that LVM-sources
 PB> will make a patch

 PB> i created the reiserfs on it, but when i tried to mount it, the mount
 PB> failed
 PB> an reiserfsck --rebuild-sb and after that reiserfsck --rebuild-tree
 PB> clears it and i could mount my LV -- UNTIL the next reboot
 >> What kernel messages were ?
 >> Sorry, but it looks for me like a lvm problem.  Can you test you LV by
 >> coping some random data (~ 64 MB) to a file in reliable location and
 >> to LV, and compare them (or md5 hashes) after reboot ?

 PB> hmm, i haven't really tried another filesystem, maybe i should try ext2?

Yes, try to run this script over ext2:

 >> Reiserfs error handling not an ideal one.  Kernel oops below is a
 >> normal :( reaction on damaged data coming from disk.
 >> Same reason (damaged data), I think, prevented reiserfs volume from
 >> mounting. 

 PB> yes you're right - but why does it oops when i _only_ want to do an "ls
 PB> -l"?

I agree with you, such behaviour is not good, but I do not think
that you want to run reiserfs on an unstable block device.


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